"I have a really awesome idea, I just need to find a technical cofounder to build it."

I’ll have Naive Things “Business Guys” Say for a thousand, Alex. 

But as silly as the sentiment seems, it’s also commonly held. 

In fact, after “How do I get involved in startups?” which is a good question, “Where do I find a technical cofounder?” is probably the most common question I’m asked. 

Thing is, developers are doing pretty okay these days, so it’s funny to think that they’re just sitting at Starbucks pining away about the startup life, listlessly hoping someone will task them with building the Next Big Thing.

Recruiting great people is a never-ending task for a startup founder, and the ability to attract the best is crucial to success, so finding a cofounder represents the minimum hustle a nontechnical person should possess

If an aspiring founder can’t inspire someone to partner with them in bringing their vision to life, they’ll have a seriously difficult time starting and building a successful company. 

This dose of reality is useful in separating the wannabes, who like the idea of doing a startup, from the ones who actually have the hustle to get things done. 


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